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I provide consultation to health care professionals, primarily in the area of psychotherapy. The theoretical orientation of the person consulting with me is less important than his/her openness to considering new perspectives in their work with clients. In addition to cognitive and psychodynamic aspects of therapy, it is important for therapists to consider recent developments in neuroscience, developmental psychology and traumatology. For example, in addition to so-called “top down” interventions with clients, “bottom up” interventions that involve working with the client’s nervous system need to be considered, as well as the therapist developing a capacity to track and titrate activation in their own nervous system in the moment to moment exchange of psychotherapy. I believe it is also important for clinicians to be able to work with a client’s emotional and spiritual experience(s).

I believe that while consultation is not therapy for the therapist, to be effective they do require an openness to examining how one’s own psychology and attachment experiences may play a role in his/her work. I do not provide supervision.

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