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Earned Secure Attachment and a Liberated Spirituality @ Banyen Books & Sound
Feb 6 @ 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm

In this presentation we will discuss Interpersonal Neurobiology, a current neuroscience understanding of trauma, andsecure and insecure attachment ways of being-in-the-world. “Spiritual bypassing” may represent efforts to manage dysregulation in the nervous system, and may manifest in several ways including endless spiritual “seeking” and various aspects of “spiritual materialism” (Trungpa, 2002). It is proposed that working towards an “earned” secure attachment may promote a “liberated” spirituality, that is, one free of such bypassing, and that there are likely several routes to such an embodiment of security.  We will encourge a sense of curiosity in our exploration of the relationships between spirituality, attachment theory, trauma, somatically-oriented psychotherapy, mindfulness, and nondual realization. The talk will be an elaboration of a presentation by Ron at the Science and Nonduality Conference in Italy in 2017.